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Russian Internet Policy: Leaning Towards Censorship

As part of the 2015 GV Summit, we invited our community members and partners to write essays that explain and illuminate the real-world effects of an Internet-related policy on citizens in a...

GV Essay Competition: Submissions from Sub-Saharan Africa

Read essays on Internet policy in Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, from the GV Advocacy essay competition.

GV Advocacy Essays: Submissions from Latin America

Read essays on Internet policy in Brazil, Chile and Cuba, from the GV Advocacy essay competition.

GV Advocacy Awards Essays on Internet Censorship from Iran, Venezuela, Ethiopia

Winners of the Advocacy essay competition included Cameran Ashraf (first prize), Marianne Diaz (second prize), and Endalk Chala (third prize). Read their award-winning essays here.

Essay Competition: Authors from India, Russia, Sri Lanka Win Honorable Mention

These three essays won honorable mention in GV Advocacy's 2015 Summit essay competition.

Announcing the Global Voices 2015 Summit: We're Coming to Cebu, Philippines, January 24–25!

The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit will be held January 24-26, 2015 in Cebu, Philippines. Stay tuned for more information!