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From the Global Voices 2015 Summit, Moving Onward and Upward

  February 12, 2015

Perhaps we weren't visible from space, like the Great Wall of China. But fortunately the drone-mounted camera that filmed us in front of Cebu City’s grand Provincial Capitol building on the afternoon of January 25, 2015 hovered only a few hundred feet above us, a fraction of the Global Voices...

They Don't Speak Spanish in the Philippines?

  January 19, 2015

Based on school history lessons, some Latin Americans believe Spanish is spoken in the Philippines. Ahead of the Global Voices Summit, Peruvian Juan Arellano finds out why this isn't so.

Registration is now Open!

October 28, 2014

Register today for the Global Voices 2015 Summit in Cebu City, Philippines, a gathering of the most innovative and inspiring digital activist and citizen media communities from around the world.