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Rebecca MacKinnon speaking to local media. Photo by Laura Schneider. January 25, 2015. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Cebu, located far from the nation’s capital that is Manila, is in the periphery. Far, as in physical distance, from the nation’s decision-makers. Far in figurative terms from opportunities granted first to those in the bigger metropolis. […]Organizers of the Citizen Media Summit 2015 to be held in Cebu this Saturday and Sunday also know the value of the periphery. […]Citizen media is about reporting on what you witness or experience, getting information and sharing it even if mainstream media like newspapers, radio and television are not there to report it. It is about reporting on issues that others may have overlooked or forgotten.
-We are the periphery by Nini B. Cabaero for the Sun Star

Cebuano press coverage of the Summit: