Stories about #GV2015 Report

February 9, 2015

Gagged in the Name of Chavismo, Venezuela's Political Religion

In Venezuela the concepts of “homeland”, “country”, “state”, “government” and “chavismo” have been so deeply linked that are no longer recognizable from each other.

February 3, 2015

Do We Feed The Trolls? Learning From Our Community

At the Global Voices Summit this year, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of experts, though expert for perhaps the wrong reasons: Each person on my panel had...

Coping with Post-Summit Depression‏

I am in awe, completely astonished about how powerful our organisation is and how strong can our friendship bonds get.

February 2, 2015

What You Missed at Day 2 of the Global Voices 2015 Summit in Cebu

On the second day of the Global Voices public summit, a variety of topics were tackled, including indigenous languages and how to cover protests using social media content.

January 31, 2015

As a Drone Captures Global Voices at 10, a Few Thoughts from Cebu

I was blogging and tweeting frenetically, trying to capture the conversations in panels and halls, soaking up as much news and perspective as I could from friends around the world.

January 30, 2015

When the Stakes Are High and the Story Ever Changing: Online Crisis Reporting

Reporters are in a hurry to break news, and facts are ever-changing. People in crisis are often going through trauma, which demands compassion. This talk features professional and citizen journalists who’ve taken on crisis reporting.

Should We Feed the Trolls?

At Day 2 of #GV2015, Jillian C. York talkS to a group of outspoken online commentators about daring to speak up in the increasingly polarized and hostile online space.

What I Learned at a Workshop on Google Tools for Citizen Reporting

Google Communications Manager Robin Moroney led a workshop on Google Tools for Citizen Journalists at the Global Voices 2015 Summit in Cebu. Highlights here.

January 27, 2015

Rising Voices Spotlight: Our Voices, Ourselves – Girls’ Rights in Kyrgyzstan

Young Kyrgyz activists Dariya Kasmamytova and Aishoola Aisaeva are leading a campaign that is helping young women talk about the barriers and persecution they experience in their daily lives.

January 26, 2015

What's Happening in Filipino Citizen Media?

Global Voices holds our meetings in countries that do not censor the Internet, and in Southeast Asia, internet censorship is quite widespread. But the Philippines is a hotbed for social media.