Summit Updates

Sex and the Internet. Expression, Activism, Regulation

In this talk our stellar panel of dynamic women digs deeper into what a feminist internet would look like.

Protecting the Open Internet is Everybody's Business

Fawkes masks and Internet blackout campaigns really save us, or are we destined for a splintered, global network of national Internets? How do we reconcile the global “open Internet” ideal with this stark reality?

What We Talked About at Day 1 of the #GV2015 Community Meeting in Cebu

GVers from over 60 countries are meeting in Cebu City, Philippines, to explore the connections between the open Internet, freedom of expression and online civic movements.

Get To Know the Cebu Provincial Capitol, Location of the Global Voices Summit

The building where the of the Global Voices Summit 2015 is a national landmark, steeped in the rich history of its home city and country.

They Don't Speak Spanish in the Philippines?

Based on school history lessons, some Latin Americans believe Spanish is spoken in the Philippines. Ahead of the Global Voices Summit, Peruvian Juan Arellano finds out why this isn't so.

Announcing the Summit Travel Grant Winners

Global Voices welcomes Filipino netizens awarded travel grants for participation in the upcoming Citizen Media Summit.

A Beginner's Guide to Cebu's Sinulog Festival

The Sinulog Festival is held annually every third Sunday of January. It is the feast day of the Infant Jesus, known locally as the Señor Santo Niño. Global Voices community members...

Don't Know Much About The Philippines? Some Facts For First-Time Visitors

Global Voices South East Asia editor, Mong Palatino, welcomes Global Voices Summit participants to the Philippines with a few facts and tips about this native land.

5 Commonly Used Expressions in Bisaya, the Language of Cebu

English is widely spoken in the Philippines, but you never know when a few words of a local language will come in handy.

How Summit Participants are like Magellan, and Other Rare Facts about Cebu

Curious about the history of the location of the 2015 Global Voices Summit? Global Voices contributor Karlo Mongaya shares a few facts about his native region.

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